Orators Club

Does this happen to you?

  • Pounding heart
  • Sweating
  • Shivering / Shaking
  • Go Blank
  • Directionless
  • Lost in middle
  • No or less eye contact
  • Nervousness
  • Not up to the mark

Then,Welcome To Orators Club


  • Speeches
  • Video recording of each performance
  • Individual Assessment
  • Prizes for 'Best Speaker'
  • Activities & training on 10 essential skills
  • Presentation making
  • PPT Presentation
  • Sales Demo

Duration: 16 training sessions & 8 Follow-up Sessions

Format: Weekly one session of 3 hours

Orators Programs

  • ORATORS PRO: Exclusively for Professionals (Age 30+)
  • ORATORS Pink: Exclusively for women & Girls
  • ORATORS Junior: Exclusively for kids & Children (Age 8-20)
  • Sumit Sir has taken enormous efforts to make this training a worth of every penny. His dedication, energy & involvement is way too more than you can expect. I have got benefitted tremendously through this Orators Club. Though it was a new concept for us yet Sumit Sir's friendly nature & teams support made it a smooth process. This kind of platform was much needed for professionals I this region. Orators Club has fulfilled all the requirements of public speaking. Thanks a lot again.

    Adv. Rahul Dhase Advocate, High Court
  • Joining Orators Club is one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. Public Speaking was one of my weaknesses & I did everything that I could do to overcome it; but only when I joined Orators Club I really understood How to really go along with stage & audience powerfully. From '2 minutes to 1 hour Speech' is what we achieved in orators Club. This has also boosted my overall confidence. Orators Club also plays an important role in sales presentations. Activities taken in Orators are meticulously planned & executed with great zeal. Proud to be a part of it.

    Makarand Girgainkar Business Partner, Edelweiss Tokyo
  • I believed in Sumit right from first day of Orates Club, because I knew he has created Orators with a great vision & his passion in training people on Public Speaking is evident in his seminars. He has really taken lot of efforts to make this activity a successful one. Despite of having certain challenges, he managed everything very nicely. His patience during training is very high. He would do anything & everything possible to make the things work for you. Before joining this program, I used to take 30-45 min to close the deal, now I do it in 10-15 min only. That's Orators Club for you.

    Amol Karmalkar Founder, Bigmark Media
  • I feel great to be a part of Orators Club. Being a MD of a firm it becomes essential to present myself at a certain level in communication, which somehow was not being possible for me. Learning is a constant process & each one of us has to upgrade ourselves. I was searching something like this I Aurangabad but I couldn't find a platform which caters exclusively professional people. Then comes Orators club phase, where I got everything that I wanted for myself. Best part of Orators Club is it maintains the professionalism by allowing only professional people as participants. I'm sure Orators will achieve biggest success in this field.

    Shriram Dhase Managing Director, SS Engineers
  • My confidence on stage got boosted because of Orators Club. I sincerely thank Sumit Sir for designing such a program for professionals. This program caters all the needs of professionals such as learning environment, practice, awards, motivation, personal attention, individual development plan & a professional set-up which make learning a memorable experience. Every professional who wish to develop public speaking skills & presentation skills must join Orators Club.

    Jagdish Khairnar Head, Jai Hind Finance Services and Channel Partner, Bajaj Finance