Sumit has taken participants through various topics related to their life such as Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Time management & Stress management. This training program has really increased their confidence, motivation and perspective towards life; which was our prime objective. We hope to have a long term association with 4C Training.

Abhijit Gadge, Regional Director, AIILSG

Sumit has trained our 25 marketing resources & over 550 network partners on various topics such as Customer Centricity, Counseling Skills, Presentation Skills, and Cross selling. What makes him unique is, he goes in details of training needs, gets his concept clear & then starts content development. His sessions are power packed, full of humor and have lot of real life examples. We are eager to have him & his team associated with us for a long term.

Balkishan Baldawa, RLC, MKCL

My experience about training is awesome. I built my confidence level, particularly in English Communication. Sumit sirís involvement in training & creating learning environment is really magnificent. All the modules are carefully selected as per the requirement. Thanks to management team for organizing such a wonderful training program.

Shivaji Naware, Senior Production Associate, Greaves Cotton

"Customer Centricity" is a very sensitive topic. It's a very confusing, questioning yet challenging topic. Make us to concentrate & question on how to give service to a customer. Many kinds of customers with various kinds of emotions & moods come & go, but by due to such training we get to learn basics of effective Customer handling. I highly recommend this training to all the people who are working in Service Sector. Some very interesting small video clips were shown & innovative activities were also conducted. I would like to thank Mr. Sumit Udaygiri who smartly handled all these activities in this training & made it really successful.

Dipti Salwe, Asst. manager, HDFC

I'm very grateful to Team '4C Training' for their invaluable guidance. Though I was doing well in my career as a territory manager, somewhere I had that dream to upgrade myself to a superior position. That process was not easy, as it needed a finishing touch on Soft Skills, Communication Skills & leadership Skills. That job was done at 4C Training, which helped me succeed in getting a better opportunity as an Assistant Sales Manager in bigger MNC. 4C Training is probably the only training institute in Aurangabad, which can cater the needs of professionals like me.

Rahul Jain, (Assistant Sales Manager, Relaxo)

Let me start with a heartfelt thanks & a tender gratitude towards Sumit Sir & Sumedha Mam of 4C Training, as they are the main contributors, who have practically made me a very positive person. I liked Teaching style, Content, Analysis and Feedback System the most. Highly recommended for professionals.

Dr. MuktaDhopeshwarkar, (Department of IT & CS, Dr. B A M Universityís)

I can't express my feelings about this class in words. Each & every day was so special that it helped us to maintain our pace throughout the course. I recommend this training to others because Soft Skills & Communications skills are very essential for success in life. Being a marketing person I fully understand its value. Thank you Sumit Sir.

Prashant Koranne, (Marketing Intern, MKCL)

Environment provided at 4C is very friendly & encouraging which helps us to learn new things easily. Positive thoughts, inspiring talk by Sumit sir makes classroom very special. This training has lit up the flame of optimism in me & I can now feel a new me in me. Thanks Sir.

Abhay Kawar, BE (CSE), Amawawati University

I have learnt many skills like stage courage, communication skills, & Interview skills. These skills are going to be very useful in my career. I'm going encourage all my friends to join 4C Training. Thank you Sir for this opportunity.

Sonali Desarda Student, TE (CSE), JNEC

Just because of this class my confidence has got increased; now I can interact with unknown persons. My Communication skills are better than ever. Thanks 4C Training.

Leena Kulkarni, BE (CSE) Student, JNEC

I gained lots of things from this training such as courage Stage Courage, Positive Thinking, Confidence. I have got improved on all fronts. Because of the right guidance & encouragement by Sumit Sir I could get placed in TCS. I strongly recommend this training to all those who wish to achieve success in life.

Shital Jujgar, BE (CSE), Placed in TCS

This training is one of the best thing happened to me. I think there is no comparison of this class with any of the books available for soft skills development / training. I firmly believe that sumit sirís training can transform anybody into a success story. Sumit sir is a multitalented, fabulous & fantastic person.

Prasad Girdhari, BE (E & TC), JNEC

My communication skills, especially in English have improved a lot. Now I feel comfortable in communicating with people not only one on one but even from the stage. I recommend this course to all those who wish to improve their English & Personality.

Sanket Khiste, BE(E & TC), JNEC

All the sessions are full of knowledge of Soft Skills & fun. Involvement of all the participants & trainer was great & this is the real strength of the course. All the skills are imparted with lot of enthusiasm. Highly useful for the development communication skills & Soft Skills.

Renukadas Kulkarni, BE(Electronics & Communication)

I have gained soft skills, which are essential for the success in my life and career. My Stage courage, presentation skills are developed to a great extent. Thank you 4C Training.

Ashwini Gore, BE(E & TC), DIEMS

Before joining the class, I did not have self confidence and stage courage. I tried a lot but I could not speak in English. But when I completed the 4C Training Course I got my confidence, stage courage & soft skills. These things are very important for life. I recognized my weaknesses and strengths during this course. I got the confidence in group discussion, debate and interview skills. I really want to thank 4C Training & Sumit sir. This course has changed my thinking and mindset about negative things. This course is necessary for today's life. I really want to express my gratitude for the things I learnt from this course. I think everyone should go through this course.

Devhuti Somwase, Student, FY BE (Instru.), Cummins College, Pune

We really enjoyed these sessions. I promise you sir that I will definitely improve myself. Thanks for your invaluable guidance.

Ritesh Adbolwar, Participant, 'Soft Skills & PI' Crash Course

The best thing about this training is, it teaches you communications skills & gives lot of confidence. We come to know about life's reality. It gives answers of questions like what should we do when any problem comes? How should we tackle that problem without losing peace of mind? How to present ourselves in front of others? How to behave in corporate world?. Thank you sir for this wonderful training.

Harshad Suryawanshi, Participant, 'Soft Skills & PI' Crash Course

Frankly, when I heard about this course I thought it will be a waste of money & time but when I had gone through it, I realized how wrong I was? Now I know myself better than ever & I now know what I want to achieve in my life? I was afraid of some activities but just because of my friend Rietesh's encouragement & Sumit Sirs loving & assertive nature I could participate there. Your Interview skills session is the BEST. Thank you sir.

Mahesh Reddy, Participant, 'Soft Skills & PI' Crash Course